First Aid Training for Rock Climbers, Mountaineers and Instructors.

This First Aid
course is valid for a 3 years (appointed persons cert )

The duration of the course is 8 hours and all candidates are supplied with
a current addition Red Cross/St John first aid manual.

Course objectives, by the end of the course all candidates should be able to:



Perform CPR to current protocols

Recovery position for confined spaces

Apply direct pressure on a wound to control bleeding

Recognise Shock and treat it with special reference to internal and external bleeding

Manage cold shock and hypothermia and or exposure

Recognise head injuries and levels of response and be aware of breathing difficulties

Chest pain, diabetic emergencies, anaphylaxis, hyperthermia, fractures, seizures and burns.

Choose suitable first equipment and understand how to get medical advice and prepare evacuation by helicopter.


First aid training prices:

From £110.00 per person per day.

Group discounts are available eg: £540.00 > 12 persons. Courses can be arranged to suit other activities such as First Aid at work, RYA requirements, Caving etc.. Please enquire for information.

We are happy to travel to your location for the training, we will bring it to you!